1Kickoff Show

Akira Tozawa and Rich Swann defeated Noam Dar and The Brian Kendrick

2WWE Fastlane – Opening Match: Samoa Joe vs Sami Zayn

Samoa Joe wins with a Coquina Clutch as Sami Zayn passes out.

3WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match: Enzo and Cass vs Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows defeats Enzo and Cass to retain the Raw Tag Team Titles

4Women’s Division Match: Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax

Sasha Banks rolls up Nia Jax for an upset victory.

5Bonus Match 1: Jinder Mahal vs Cesaro

Earlier in the kickoff show, Jinder Mahal and Rusev have decided to disband their team, General Manager Mick Foley told them that they will have individual matches at the event. Jinder Mahal came to the ring followed by Rusev where the two argued who would go first – causing a brawl between the two where Jinder Mahal came up standing as his opponent, Cesaro, made his way to the ring.

Jinder would lose to Cesaro as Rusev watches from ringside.

6Bonus Match 2: Rusev vs The Big Show

Rusev enters the ring and started beating up Jinder Mahal and throwing him out of the ring. The Big Show’s music played and Rusev did not look too pleased.

The World’s Largest Athlete would prove too much for the Bulgarian Brute, despite some serious offense. Three chokeslams and one KO punch after, the match is finished with a leaner and meaner Big Show standing tall.

7WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match: Neville vs Gentleman Jack Gallagher

Despite some serious offense by the Gentleman with three devastating headbutts on Neville, the King of the Cruiserweights proved he is still The Man That Gravity Forgot by finishing the challenger with a Red Arrow to retain the Cruiserweight Championship

8Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman

After an intense and grueling match, Braun Strowman looked to finish Roman Reigns with a top rope splash, but the Big Dog would move out causing the Monster Among Men to crash in the middle of the ring. One spear after, Roman Reigns pinned Strowman for the win. This would be Braun Strowman’s first pinfall loss since his debut.

9RAW Women’s Championship Match: Bayley vs Charlotte

With a little distraction from Sasha Banks, Charlotte would suffer her first ever PPV lose when Bayley pins her to retain the RAW Women’s Championship.

10WWE Universal Championship Match: Goldberg vs Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens would stall the match earlier on, preventing the referee from ringing the bell and throwing Goldberg off his game. However as he tried to intimidate Goldberg, Chris Jericho would come out and the referee rang the bell. Caught off-guard, Goldberg would deliver a devastating spear and jackhammer to Kevin Owens to become the new Universal Champion.