It is no secret that while Jive+ is a new brand, it is actually a successor to PartyZone- a project we retired in August of 2016. It’s also quite obvious because this website has a section dedicated to nightlife and parties called PartyZone.
Alliz Xerxes and Glenn Ochoa, the two core founders of Jive+ are the same guys that brought out online projects such as WyldNation, Jive.PH and PartyZone. All of these brands have a shared history together.
The following is an infographic detailing PartyZone’s history until 2015:

The “major restructuring” saw several individuals go on board, and this ultimately blurred some lines as to how PartyZone is to be positioned. The brand was primarily anchored as an online media startup but it was being steered into different directions with uncertain destinations. It re-positioned itself as an online media startup by April of 2016 but new opportunities presented itself and change became inevitable.

PartyZone was ultimately retired after the Hydro Manila Music Festival 2016 – the last event it had as a media partner. The team discussed how PartyZone needed to expand and diversify, then move forward with a new name – and that is when a set of branding nightmares began.

PartyZone was re-branded as PressPlay but a company with a same name and almost the same business model expressed their concerns over a possible conflict in the future, so the team gave way and went on as PushPlay instead – but this has already caused confusion and a lot of people were now losing interest with the brand.

As a result, the team decided to start fresh with a new brand, sticking to more conventional standards and practices. PressJive came forward in late September but it seemed that there was lack of enthusiasm from everyone involved, so PressJive was abandoned a month and a half later, effectively disbanding the team as well.

With much haste, Glenn convinced Alliz to start over again with the remaining assets they still have. Glenn thought it would be nice to use the Jive brand again and evolve from there, so he teased a new Jive logo online and was overwhelmed by excited friends, most of which were members of the old Jive.PH social network. The next challenge was finding a suitable domain, unfortunately Jive.PH was taken by someone else and it would have been great to bring it back. Many top level domains aren’t available due to “jive” being a common word but then they saw being available so they snagged it right away along with

Jive.PH was a popular local social network back in 2008 and helped redefine the nightlife scene at the time.

Seeing that this is a new version of Jive, as well as a new venture moving forward, the plus sign was applied to the branding, hence the name Jive+ – a fresh new take on a familiar brand.

And that friends, is how Jive+ came about.